What is SmartCloudImage?

From SmartCloudImage we are offering a revolutionary system of artificial intelligence designed for companies in the industrial sector, B2B. It facilitates the perchance of expendables, current products, o spare parts between companies. SmartCloudimage is an image recognition technology offering solutions to help your SME to be more productive, to be faster and avoid errors.


  • Faster because product can be identificated in one second.
  • More effective because it leaves no room for error.
  • More comfortable because there is no need for ID or any other codes to recognize the object.

How does it work?

Through a system of Artificial intelligence SmartCloudImage is able to recognize images with the camera of any mobile device. The technology works on comparative basis in real time using a previously established database in the “Cloud.”.


Several areas of industrial companies can take advantage of this system because with an identification of the object through SmartClouImage any information required about the object is obtained in one second (stock, price, details, tips, guidelines for Assembly...)


Take a picture and smartcloudimage will recognize it instantly

Now, thanks to our technology you have one new tool that allows your company to improve communication   among "Company-Client", "Company-Wholesaler". Moreover, it improves internal work protocols  for your company. (The order of the spare parts, materials, expendables, replacement of products, etc.)