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Since 1997, when the parent company of the group created the first web page already was very clearly defined the aim of all services, products and developments that the company would offer, it was to help our customers to sell more. SmartCloudimage that belongs to the Group 123 Innovation Group S.L. was born with this same commitment to help your company to sell more and improve its performance and save time.

SmartCloudImage for industry 4.0


SmartCloudImage a benchmark in Industry 4.0

SmartCloudImage had its first big date with the industry advancing its technology at the Industry Fair 4.0 "Advanced Factories" from 4th to 6th April 2017 at the International Convention Center in Barcelona (CCIB). During the event were presented the latest technological developments and the best strategies to boost the Industry 4.0.

The organization selected SmartCloudImage as one of the 10 best start-ups with technology solutions for the industry and, thanks to this provided the opportunity to present in the show, at the Factory Innovation Theater, its innovative image recognition technology based on artificial intelligence.

In SmartCloudImage it is clear to us that technological innovation has to be adapted to the needs of the industry. At the show we verifyed that the implementation of it is no longer a luxury or an investment but a fundamental need that allows, to both big and small companies, to be at the forefront of new times, with more competitive processes both in Domestic and International Market. We have seen that our technology reduces barriers, simplifies processes and improves business performance .

Industry 4.0 is already a reality for companies that are a part of the industry. Nowadays, Digital transformation is growing very fast by introducing innovation and industrial digitalization in European SMEs. We saw it in Advanced Factories, an Industry Digital Transformation Show where Internet of Things, Big Data, Cloud Computing and image recognition were the protagonists.

What vision and mission does SmartCloudImage has?

With only one click, the client makes a photo of the product that he wishes, SmartClaudImage recognizes product and opens its tab in ecommerce then your client can verify the characteristics of the product and choose his  preferences (size, units...). The user adds it to his shopping cart and continues the process as usually.
The company of the Group, 123 Innovation Group, S.L. offers a complete range of Internet services for companies since 1997. We advise professionals, small business, corporations, foundations, associations, entrepreneurs... With just a phone call you can receive advice in marketing online, technical development and we solve your problem. Some of our customers have received awards for their website and most are getting new customers thanks to this.

SmartCloudImage has been born for you: we want you to sell more and be pointer in technology and Neuromarketing strategies.

SmartCloudImage has been born for you: we want you to sell more and be pointer in technology and strategies of Neuromarketing.