What happens when a piece in your client production line breaks?

1- The piece of machinery breaks and your client needs replacement of this part in order to continue with production.
2- The operator who detects the failure, takes a picture of the piece through the App and sends it.
3- The Chief of the department that you previously determine, receives the purchase order and authorizes it from the same App.
4- You get the order avoiding mistakes in the requested piece and making all the process more fluid.


What happens when your client asks you to urgently locate a particular product in stock ?

1- Your client is asking you for a product without Identification codes, or its name
2- The operator takes a pictureof the product from your App and sends it
3- The App identifies the product and locates it in your stock
4- The operator orders the product avoiding mistakes and making more fluid the wholeprocess.

What does this technology do?

: in the most important moment when the piece breaks

It eliminates travel costs: : We avoid (reduce) moving the sales person to the client's facilitites.

Reduction of time: : both by the company and the customer. The operator takes a picture of the product and the order is sent to an email addressed to Purchases Responsible . It is faster and easier than any other existing method.

Precision in service: prevents from mistakes and makes the process much easier and safer.